Coast To Coast Hike Conquer High Buildings in Australia

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Coast to Coast Hike

Coast to Coast Hike if you wish, one of the places you must visit while on vacation and a trip to the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia it would not hurt to try Coasting Coast Hiking with Sky Point Climb.

Coast To Coast Hike to Gold Coast Queensland, Australia

Trying to test my guts with Coast to Coast Hike, I deliberately wrote Gold Coast Queensland, Australia for your conquest. This building is one of the most iconic buildings in Australia. No wonder if lovers of the world test the guts, if had time to visit Australia, then they will visit this building. In addition to a place that is purposely used as a climbing arena, this building offers the types of packages offered by Sky Point.

Place name: Sky Point Climb

Location: Sky Point is on the 77th floor Q1 building. Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Surfers Paradise and Gold Coast. From the center of Surfers Paradise, you can walk to visit it and you can see from the roadside.

  • Day climb. You can choose this package if you want to climb in the daytime. In addition, you will enjoy fantastic views around the building, such as beaches, Blue Ocean, and buildings near this building.
  • Twilight Climb. Well, for this special climb is scheduled to see the beauty of the sunset and 360-degree view, of course, offers incredible scenery.
  • Morning Climb and Dine Package. This package is only available on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, starting at 7:20 am and after climbing, you can enjoy the breakfast buffet at the Observation Deck.
  • Twilight Climb and Dine Package. This package I think still offers coolness because, in addition to viewing the sunset, you can even supplement the dinner as a souvenir.
  • Day Climb and Dine Package. If you choose this package, then the climb can be done during the day and free to eat after climbing buffet.

Coast To Coast Hike Ascent

Before climbing, preparing everything is very important. Climbing preparation begins with the signature of the Climber Disclosure form to indicate if you do not have a disease that is prohibited during the ascent.

After that, the guide will notify you about technical climbing as high as 230 meters above sea level, then all safety equipment should be prepared and worn. Next, you will be tested the levels of alcohol in your body using a natural similar to a microphone.

Technical checking for alcohol levels is that you just speak in front of the microphone and automatically the tool will show the alcohol content in the body. Oh yes, do not forget to wear closed shoes because sandals and shoes that many straps are prohibited. About the jewelry, please remove it and give it to the clerk to be placed in the locker. After using jumpsuits, you will be given directions on how to safely harness and ensure all equipment is installed properly. After the harness, you will be given another rather heavy device: that connects you to the railing that is on the edge of the climbing place.

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So how?! Do you plan to visit and experience the Coast to Coast Hike? Hopefully, this information is useful for you and happy to enjoy the end of the year 2017.

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