Enjoying Himalaya Trips with Two Best Routes for Holiday

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Have you ever imagined beforehand in your mind doing Himalaya Trips to fill your long vacation while adding an unforgettable experience during your tour? If not, now is the right time for you to try it.

So no wonder if Himalaya Trips become the most basic reason to visit there, at least once in a lifetime, I’m sure you will not regret trying it.

First Choice Route How to go to get in Himalaya Trips

The first place you should travel to start the Trips of Himalayas in Nepal. This region between Tibet and India has 8 of the 10 highest peaks in the world.

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Of course, after you stepped foot from the airport Tribhuvan Kathmandu the next place you deserve to be the first destination is Durbar Square. During the journey from the airport to Durbar Square, your eyes will be spoiled by the breathtaking views of the Kathmandu Valley.

For your information guys, Durbar Square is one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites from 7 other historic buildings in Nepal. In addition, there is also used as the center of the old city of Kathmandu built by kings of Nepal in the 17th century to 18th century.

Inside Durbar Square is the palace of King Malla, the palace of Human Dhokayang and the palace of King Shah, guarded by a pair of lion statues. The yard is still often used to hold royal events until now.

But before arriving there should you need to prepare a mask to anticipate the dust is quite disturbing. Always wear the mask during the trip to the money changer and you can release when it has reached the rooftop restaurant located opposite the Square to meet your freedom taste.

After filling the stomach in the restaurant, you can continue the journey to the Himalayas by passing through traditional markets selling various Nepalese merchandise and some fruit deliberately imported from India. After passing the hustle and bustle of the traditional market, you can rest yourself for a moment at some of the hotels already available around The Crowne Plaza.

Second Choice Route How to go to reach in Himalaya Trips

The second place that can be an alternative choice is the city of Pokhara which is the third largest city in Nepal as well as a center of tourism. It lies at an altitude of 827 meters above sea level and to the west of Kathmandu.

It takes about 6.5 hours when taken by landline. Do not worry about going to the plane because at the airport Pokhara City provides an average of 15 flights per day, ready to transport tourists from Kathmandu to Pokhara. During the trip, occasionally please stop by Trekking and Paragliding which is the main charm in this city.

After that will continue to Annapurna Range which is one of the gate climbs to the Himalayas located not far from the city of Pokhara.

Thus information about Himalaya Trips that I can write for you who are ready to enjoy the holiday end of 2017. Hopefully, your holiday is fun and do not forget to preserve nature. That’s it all about the information of Himalaya Mountain I can share to you, hope it can help you guide your vacation, and thank you.

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