Experience the Pilgrimage in Northern Spain Based On the Photographer Experience at the Tomb of St. James

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Pilgrimage in Northern Spain

Pilgrimage in Northern Spain will take us on a very special journey through a travel story by Don Hasman that is the name of a 76-year-old photographer who has been able to travel the pilgrimage on foot for approximately 1,000 Km. It is said that Total time is 36 days. What an amazing experience! He began his journey From September 5 to October 11, 2016. It is very special how not with the age that is no longer young Don must take a long journey on foot which is in need of strong physical endurance.

I also amaze with his experience of what he done in Santiago. I really want to visit there sometimes. Let’s make some saving! Lol. Camino de Santiago (the road to Santiago) in the Spanish region which is one of the world’s pilgrim’s travel. Standing Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in which there is a tomb that is believed to be the final resting place of St. James. Camino de Santiago can be traveled by Via de La Plata which in local language means Silver Route, Formerly a path in the way of people -people at the time of the Roman Empire to the mining area in search of Pilgrimage in Northern Spain.

Here Are Some Tips For Traveling In Pilgrimage In Northern Spain:

  1. In the course of pilgrimage to travel through the Via de La Plata where temperatures can reach 50 degrees in the middle of the boil should we have to bring water supplies more than two liters, because there the wind is strong and hot? But indeed in the hot even in September – November is Autumn is a good period in the Via de La Plata, with a bright air is very good to be immortalized Especially for those who like to take photographs very interesting to take pictures. But pilgrims who travel this route are fewer in April-June due to the monsoon season.
  2. Underlined this point!!! You should not travel pilgrimage in April-June, because many people who travel so many obstacles, the accommodation is rather difficult, and the streets crowded, looking for lodging is difficult because the hotel is usually more expensive than the houses and hostels which cost more. But as a note this accommodation is allowed only for pilgrims walking, horseback riding or biking.
  3. We recommend that visitors want to know more about the history and objects of the cathedral art. At the end of Camino de Santiago’s journey, pilgrims will receive a Latin certificate from the Cathedral by passing through the Sacred Gate or Porta Santa. It is one of the gates of the Santiago Cathedral and is only open during the Holy Year of the Year when St. James’s Day is commemorated every July 25th.

Walking along the trail of pilgrims is an experience of a lifetime, conducted by all kinds of people from all backgrounds including by Don Hasmen. We do not have to have a religious motivation to do Pilgrimage In Northern Spain.

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