Hiking Spain Camino De Santiago to fulfill your Vacation

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Hiking Spain Camino De Santiago

Hiking Spain Camino De Santiago could be the best thing to do. Long holidays soon arrived. For those of you who have a hobby hiking as well as traveling abroad, one of the alternatives you should try to fill your long vacation this time.

Apart from being the haven for Hiking Spain Camino De Santiago, this place also has a great draw for pilgrims and hikers, especially during the summer. Starting from the medieval period, Camino De Santiago was made the third holiest city after Rome and Jerusalem.

Customize the Equipment of Hiking Spain Camino De Santiago with the Season

Before you begin your Camino de Santiago Spain hiking trip in the summer, I suggest you use footwear with mountain slippers, ponchos, wide hats and small water bottles, no need to bring too much food and drink.

Simply bring some snacks and small bottles of water, because there you will easily find a drinking water spigot pipe at standard intervals so you do not have to worry about the lack of drinking water to simply relieve thirst and refresh your throat to face the battlefield that is sure to be crowded by tourists from various countries plus sunshine is quite violent.

Or for those of you who want to try visiting when spring arrives, you can come around March to May and will soon turn into winter from September to October.

Variety of Transportation Tools and Available Routes for Hiking Spain Camino De Santiago

Camino Frances is one of the most popular routes for tourists visiting Camino De Santiago that start you can take from St. Jean Pied de Port in the vicinity of Biarritz, France. If you choose this route, you will automatically pass through an area called the Pyrenees and cover a distance of about 484 miles which will take about 30 minutes to enjoy the view of 800 historic properties.

Or you can choose the route of Roncesvalles if you do not want to pass through the Pyrenees. The route you can pass on foot as well, in order to save money. The routes available for travelers who choose to walk can start from Santiago de Compostela until or for those of you who want to use a travel agency to tour Camino De Santiago to Finisterre a distance of approximately 55 miles, where you will be treated to stunning views of the Atlantic coast. Some bureaus also provide horse and bike rental facilities to take you to the beauty of the Camino De Santiago.

But to be able to join the camp albergue you must have a Pilgrims passport that you can get from St. Jean Pied de Port. The Confraternity of St. James was built by veteran pilgrims. Or also you can stay at non-public resorts that have been available.

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For lodging affairs when hiking Spain Camino de Santiago you do not need to worry because there already provided a camp that is often called the albergue. The camp is managed by volunteers and is destined for the tourists who come for pilgrimage. Well, many reviews that I can convey to you as a stock so that your trip well planned and fun.

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