Hiking Tips with Dogs You Can Try to Relax Your Mind

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Hiking tips with dogs for those of you who have a hobby of climbing along with your pet, this new year’s holiday is the perfect time for you to spend time together in an unexpected new tourist destination to gather an exciting experience.

In addition, to accompany you to do your hobbies, this hiking activity can also be used as a good physical exercise for pets, especially for dogs. For hiking along with pets safe and keep it fun you need to pay attention to some hiking tips with dogs that I will explain below.

3 Things You Should Have on Hiking Tips with Dogs

Dogs are a very loyal breed of pets and love to follow wherever the owner goes. So, when you want to take your pet dogs to travel especially during hiking, you need to pay attention to the safety aspect of your beloved dog. To help you create safe and fun hiking along with your beloved dog here I will give you some hiking tips with dogs, check with yuk!

  1. Make sure the dog you are carrying is a dog that has been tamed, trained and subject to your command. This is so that you can be free to let it run on its own without having to be chained everywhere and can immediately catch you when you call him. Make sure, your dog is the kind of dog that is obedient in all situations yes so that when he is in a state of excitement or interested in new things are still in your control.
  2. The second tip if you are still unsure of your dog as I have explained in the first tip, you can put a strap on your dog, because a well-trained dog still has the possibility of getting out of control if it has not really obeyed the owner or the lack of adaptation to the new environment can change his attitude at any time. One more thing you should not miss when you take your dog away or hiking is always put a necklace and an ID Card on the neck of your pet dog. As a precaution in case your dog ever gets out of your reach and travels away without you, the necklace and ID Card can be used by the person who found it to return it to you.
  3. When hiking, whether alone or together with a pet dog though, drinking water is an important thing that you should always take and make sure not to drink your dog in the lake, river, or other puddles that have not guaranteed cleanliness. In the open like a forest that looks still beautiful though, puddles can be a breeding ground for toxins, parasites and bacteria that can cause disease in your beloved dog. In addition, the dog is a type of animal that is easily dehydrated, because it is an animal that has a lot of moving intensity / active, so when hiking or just traveling often give you a drink and occasionally take shelter whenever possible.


Of all the above tips, the last thing you should not miss is always paying attention to the signals/cues given by your dog. For example, when he was hot even if the dog does not always bark to signal, but he could immediately find a place to shelter so as not to overheat. So, when it’s hiking you find the river around the climbing lane let your dog play there to play water for a moment to get rid of the heat. Or you can also play water with your dog to relieve stress.

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How? fun not a hobby with the pet dog? Hopefully hiking tips with dogs that I give this time can be useful yes. And, happy trying!

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