Will You Choose Used Trekking Poles After Realizing Benefit Of Use Trekking Poles?

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Used Trekking Poles

Used Trekking Poles can be an alternative if we can afford the new one. Trekking poles serves to help break mountain climbing, especially when passing slopes pretty skewed. These sticks can be shortened to suit our needs. And one of the options that can be taken when going up the mountain. Not just to follow the trend of the present or just cool photographed, but this tool is also quite useful for security in climbing. In some climbing, this tool is indispensable during climbing. By using a stick, we can benefit from balance when walking. Then the use of the stick can reduce the pressure on the knees, shoulders and back by channeling vibrations to the stick. We should use the stick in pairs, namely in the right and left hands. This is to maintain balance, and also to keep the load on the left-right leg can be divided equally.

In the early years of 1997 until 2000 this tool is not so well known that rarely climbers who use this tool. With the development of the time we have a lot of time we met in the contest of equipment seller mountain range of brands, materials, and prices ranging from $ 10 to millions of dollars, with designs such as that used climbers – climbers abroad, so began to look climber in the mountains uses it. Usually, this product imported from China, so at any price, we can predict itself from strength and comfort and durability. This tool is very functioning once as we go through the path that continues to climb. Many benefits of mountain climbing with Used Trekking Poles.

Which One You Choose? New Trekking Poles Or Used Trekking Poles?

No matter what you choose, trekking poles is important equipment for a climbers!

  • Helps balance

When the road on the ground in the form of a hill or derivative, rocky and slippery is certainly an area that is difficult to pass by a climber. With a pair of Trekking Poles in both hands, it will be as easy as getting an extra pair of legs again to be stability when walking on the difficult ground.

  • Increase Speed

Movement of the arm that happens will help push the climber when walking on flat ground or incline so that will indirectly increase acceleration.

  • Reduced load on the leg helps to reduce the load on both feet, especially the load on the soles of feet, limbs, and knees.
  • As a support for climbs and derivatives.
  • Reduce the weight of load carried
  • Burn more calories
  • Very helpful to hold the front weight, especially the stomach.
  • Adjust the breathing

Climbers will feel that they naturally move with a steady rhythm while walking, and will certainly have an impact on breathing as well. And the advantage is that climbers will be able to walk for longer periods of time, increased speed, and stability on difficult tracks, so they can choose a footing as they move.

Additional Benefits of Used Trekking Poles

If you can afford the new one, you also can use as a bivou pole when suddenly need shelter and not enough time to set up a tent or no trees or anything as a buffer. Can also be used to bind the flag of pride when you want to take pictures on the summit of the mountain. Can also be used to dry wet clothes during do camp.

Made in China is quite an affordable price. But the weight is rather heavy, compared to products made in America or Europe. The most expensive product brand seems to be priced hundreds of US dollars. While trekking pole from Italy like Camp brand sold approximately – 30$. It helps the climber to find the right and safe footing to get off to a lower footing. Also to help balance yourself while sliding down, it is very useful to prevent accidents. Well that was some function for climbers with Used Trekking Poles.

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